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World Health Day 2022: Healthy Soil, Healthy Population

April 7th is recognised globally as World Health Day drawing our attention to human health and wellbeing. The theme for World Health Day in 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ drawing on the link between human health and environmental health. BiobiN South Africa is using this opportunity to highlight soil health and conservation as a key environmental concern that impacts human health.
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Important initiatives for international clean-up and recycling month

September is International Clean-up and recycling month, dedicated to keeping our environment clean and free of litter. While community clean-up initiatives are a great way to clean up spaces and create a good sense of awareness, two key initiatives will continue to keep our environments clean: ‘separation at source’ and recycling biodegradable waste.


The organic waste landfill ban is around the corner: Are we ready?

The Western Cape is half a year away from the 2022 target to divert at least 50% of all organic waste from landfill. So the big question is, can the Western Cape divert at least 50% of 533 745 tonnes of municipal organic waste and 326 935 of commercial organic waste? With organic waste regulations also tightening at a national level, the rest of the country will also need to get their organic waste management in order.