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frequently asked questions

The simple answer to this questions is no, the BiobiN doesn’t smell. As long as the simple housekeeping rules are followed;

  • Manage your wet:dry ratio’s.
  • Don’t leave the lid open
  • Undertake routine checks

The idea of the BiobiN® is that it commences processing on site and only requires to be emptied when it’s full – which maximises transport efficiencies. This time frame can vary between locations and uses, and can be as often as every week or as long as a year. Your BiobiN® technologist can determine when yours will need emptying.

Once removed from the container, the unit can potentially be operating in 4 hours.

Weekly draining of condensate, commonly done by the customer.

3 monthly system check for leaks, cracks, etc., twice yearly filter cartridge change and annual biofilter media change, commonly undertaken by the service provider but can be undertaken by the customer. 

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