#GlobalRecycling | Day Will you be recycling your food waste?

Will you be recycling your food waste?

It’s global recycling day today and citizens around the world are rethinking about what they throw away and where. Recyclable waste is often referred to as the world’s ‘seventh resource’, as they offer significant economic value when repurposed.

While plastics, metals, glass, and paper may seem like obvious choices for recycling, your food waste is also an incredibly valuable “seventh resource”. Here are some reasons why you should be recycling your food waste.

Emissions and climate change – within landfill food waste degrades and produces carbon dioxide and methane, two very potent greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. This is a big reason for the need to keep food waste out of landfill and compost it instead.

Conserving water – much of our water resources are underground, and unfortunately, this is where a lot of our waste is buried. This is another reason to be keeping food waste out of landfill rather than recycling it. Food waste in landfill contributes toward to production of leachate, a liquid pollutant within a landfill that has the potential to contaminate nearby groundwater resources.

Soil conservation – by composting your food waste, you are creating a circular economy. When your food waste becomes compost, it is returned to the soil where it provides vital nutrients for soil health.

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