“A life on our planet” ~ David Attenborough

If there has been anyone in this world who has done a great job at inspiring people to have a closer relationship with nature, we could not think of anyone better than David Attenborough. With every one of his documentaries, he has managed to draw us in with his distinctive voice and depth of knowledge of the natural world.

With his latest documentary, “A life on our planet”, he once again brings home many important messages about the importance and urgency of ‘rewilding the world’; and how important this is for the future of humanity.

One of our favourite messages from the documentary is the need for a more sustainable agricultural system. Half of the fertile land on earth is now farmland. 70% of the mass of birds on our planet are domesticated; the majority are chickens. Our soil is becoming exhausted by our overuse, which is putting food security under increasing pressure.

It is this reality that makes BiobiN’s mission even more important. Nature works on closed loops. The waste of one species is a valuable resource for another. Our mission is to repurpose organic waste so that it is returned to the soil in the form of compost.

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Picture courtesy of Netflix

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