Greening your office: steps you need to know

Greening your office: steps you need to know

At BiobiN South Africa our goal is to help companies and office spaces reduce their environmental impacts by offering a large-scale, on-site food waste management system. The end goal is to return food waste back to the earth in a valuable way. Along with composting, every company should have a corporate responsibility strategy, including an environmental policy. Does your company have one?

Here are some questions you need to consider:

1. What is your company’s environmental policy?

An environmental policy is a commitment to realising the environmental impacts that the business has and a plan to reduce these impacts on the environment. One of the biggest components of an environmental policy is a clause for reducing the waste footprint that your office will have. Every bit of waste, from paper to food waste will present an impact; how does your environmental policy mitigate these impacts?

2. Do employees know what the company’s environmental policy is?

It is all good and well to have an environmental policy, but do employees know what it is, and how to comply with the company’s environmental management plans? Do your employees understand the value of recycling, or composting; and how this contributes to corporate responsibility?

3. Does your company have a waste management plan?

Does your office have a clearly labeled bin system for recyclables, compostable and general waste? It is also important to ask where each waste stream goes. Your recyclable waste can add significant value to the economy when repurposed and compostable waste adds value to our soils; make sure your waste adds value somewhere else.

BiobiN South Africa offers a perfect waste solution to manage food waste on-site, with no odour. This large-scale composting unit will convert organic waste into high-grade compost, rather than sending it to landfill.

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