The global extent of our food waste

The global extent of our food waste

We know that your food waste has value, we know that you should be composting it, and we know that it does not belong in landfill. But, do you know the bigger picture of the global situation of food waste. BiobiN South Africa would like to share some interesting insight:

Globally a third of food produced is wasted, amounting to 1.3 billion tonnes per year. To put this into perspective, 25% of the earth’s fresh water supply is used, and an area the size of China is allocated to produce food that is never eaten.

In South Africa, we waste 10 million tonnes of food waste per year. This has an estimated market value of R61 billion.

Food waste has a triple impact when not managed well. This raises the issues of food security, resource exploitation and wastage, and the environmental impacts when landfilled.

Considering the global situation on food waste, which is also an evident trend in South Africa, BiobiN aims to ensure that the value of food waste is not lost to landfill. Our organic waste composting and containment system aims to extract the maximum value from our food waste to avoid the environmental impacts at landfill and to contribute to food security through soil quality conservation.

24 July 2020


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