Films for our future: what we are watching!

“Soil is more important than oil”
Films for our future: what we are watching!

A good film is a great way to get an important message across to the public. Can you remember the last time you watched something that made you think a bit more about your impact in the world? Here are two great documentaries that draw attention to the importance of healthy soils:

  1. Kiss the ground (2020). It is a Netflix documentary that is based on the idea of ‘Regenerative agriculture’. There is a way to ‘eat food that heals the planet’, meaning that you can choose food that comes from farming which promotes healthy soils and biodiversity, rather than destroying it. The doccie also touches on repurposing waste and giving back to the soil. If we focus on safeguarding the health of our soil, we can ensure a healthy microbial ecosystem and plant growth. Best of all, healthy plants take carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere and put it back into our soil, where it has more value. Watch it here.
  2. A New Old Way to Grow Food (2016). This short film produced by Patagonia touches on different sustainable agricultural practices. It makes you realise how unsustainable large-scale commercial agriculture really is. “Soil is more important than oil” really put it into perspective how healthy soil systems provide us with the food that we eat every day. If we have no healthy soil, we have no food. Watch it here.

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