Can you go without plastic for an entire month?

Can you go without plastic for an entire month?

Commonly known on the global ‘environmental calendar’ is plastic-free July. This is an entire month dedicated to tackling plastic pollution. According to the 2019 Ocean Conservancy report*, nine of the top ten most picked up items on International Coastal Clean-up day were plastic items. Our earth and its natural ecosystems simply cannot process plastics.

BiobiN South Africa believes in a waste management model that returns our waste to the earth in a valuable way. Here are four tips to help you go through a month without using plastic:

  1. Use a reusable shopping bag. Plastic shopping bags often end up in our oceans and along our coastlines.
  2. Avoid single-use plastics. Items such as straws persist in the environment and are often consumed by animals. Specifically avoid straws, sweet wrappers, and disposable coffee cup lids.
  3. Avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. Choose your grocery store and retail chains that show an active drive towards reducing plastic packaging with food products.
  4. Find a compostable alternative. Compostable packaging is fast becoming commonplace in many food markets. BiobiN recommends taking a moment to read the packaging to make sure that it is fully compostable, this information often with recyclability, is placed on the packaging.

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