Asking the right questions on International coastal and World Clean-up Day

Asking the right questions on International coastal and World Clean-up Day
When is biodegradable packaging more environmentally friendly?

To find out more, visit Saturday, 19 September 2020 is a day dedicated to keeping our environment clean and litter-free. It is International Coastal Clean-up day and World Clean-up day; two global initiatives that focus on mobilising citizens to pick up litter items within their local communities and along coastlines.

While a lot of attention has been placed on the scourge of plastics (mostly from packaging) that has accumulated in the ocean and on beaches, many people are quick to think that biodegradable packaging and products are the best ‘environmentally friendly’ alternative. The research from coastal clean-ups around the world has found that the amount of biodegradable waste found on beaches has increased over recent years due to the popularity of biodegradables with packaging.

It is great that consumers are putting pressure on shops and restaurants to use biodegradables, but do these establishments offer a composting solution for this packaging? Using biodegradable alternatives needs to be matched with an efficient and clearly labeled compost bin, otherwise, this waste will join the waste stream that goes to landfill or end up in the natural environment.

BiobiN recommends that next time you chose to support a shop or restaurant, ask them about their composting efforts.

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