World Environmental Health Day: Prioritising Environmental Health for Human Health

When our relationship with nature is exploitative and destructive, the environment tends to strike
back, whether it be in the form of a pandemic or a subtle encroaching natural disaster like drought
and food shortages. We don’t need detailed scientific research to tell us that the health of the
environment directly impacts human health.
Respiratory issues have been linked to poor air quality, infection with water contamination and food
shortages with soil degradation. We need a healthy environment to support populations.
September 26th is World Environmental Health Day, dedicated to raising awareness on the link
between environmental health and human health and ensuring that we invest in safeguarding the
health of the natural environment.
One major way that individuals and businesses can invest in environmental health is to divert food
and organic waste from landfill and circulate this stream through technology like composting units.
Diverting organic waste prevents undesirable environmental challenges at landfill sites that impact air
and water quality when organics degrade. Processing organic waste in a composting unit provides us
with a great resource for soil application to improve the health of soil and conserve topsoil. 
Healthy soils are responsible for the health of the rest of the ecosystem and provide us with food. So
it is a natural resource that we need to be prioritising. 
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