Reducing our food waste, protecting our wildlife



Tuesday, 03 March 2020 is World Wildlife Day and we would
like to highlight some of the benefits that effectively managing your food
waste has towards protecting vulnerable wildlife and biodiversity.

Minimises groundwater pollution. Food waste in landfill decomposes and mixes with the water that seeps through the landfill layers. This mixture of water and liquid waste is known as leachate and has the potential to pollute groundwater, as well as the ecosystem that surrounds that groundwater resource.

Reduces air pollution. Degrading food waste in landfill sites produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is responsible for global warming.

Protects a balanced ecosystem.
When there is food waste present in an
environment, it may attract more of a specific species in an area. Ecosystem food
chains are sensitive, and even the smallest changes can have a ripple effect on
an ecosystem, reducing its biodiversity.

In nature, there is no such thing as waste. In all natural ecosystems, the waste product of one species is always used by another. At BiobiN we believe that food waste is too good to waste. With a BiobiN, your food waste is the greatest opportunity to produce high-grade compost.


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