Earth Day 2023: Investing in better food and organic waste management

Saturday, 22 April 2023 is celebration as Global Earth Day to recognise the importance of our ecosystems, biodiversity, conservation and sustainability as a whole. The theme for Earth Day 2023 is ‘Investing in our Planet’.

As a global campaign, Earth Day highlights many ways in which citizens and businesses can invest in the planet. This could mean participating in a local beach clean-up, turning off all light in your house of an hour, implementing a home recycling system or planting a tree somewhere in your community. While all of these are important initiatives, BiobiN encourages you to look at your waste systems for Earth Day. How much food waste do you generate with offcuts or with food going off entirely? How can this be reduced or avoided entirely? These are some of the pertinent questions to be asking.

While looking at ways to reduce our waste footprint within our household is important, to go a step further, we encourage you to ask your local grocery store or favourite restaurant whether they compost their food waste. Many consumers are opting to support the outlets that have eliminated single use plastic. It should be no different with food and organic waste. While it is not possible or even necessary to completely eliminate food and organic waste, we can repurpose this waste stream into a valuable secondary resource, compost.

For Earth Day, let’s get the conversation started with our local businesses on how they can manage their food and organic waste streams better.

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