An introduction to a zero-waste lifestyle


An introduction to a zero-waste lifestyle

As environmental activist, David Suzuki once stated, ‘In nature, there is no such thing as waste. In nature nothing is wasted; everything is recycled’. How do we humans follow suit? Let us look at four helpful tips

Conduct your own home waste audit: start by looking at what you throw away; ask what waste can be avoided, what single-use waste can be replaced with reusable items, and what waste can be upcycled for another use. Upcycling can be your creative waste-wise family activity for a weekend.

Be a waste-wise shopper: with conscious consumerism on the rise; sustainable retail and biodegradable products and packaging options are found more often. Dare to be different and take your coffee flask when you visit your next barista; it’s one less cup and lid that has to enter the waste stream.

(Source: Recup South Africa)

Get Composting: look at food waste as your greatest opportunity to add value to your garden. Keep your compost site well managed by choosing a shaded area, mixing it with garden clippings for carbon content, and control the moisture content by adding your old newspapers. Best to keep fatty foods and heavy protein out as these are likely to attract unwanted pests.

Connect with our community: We at BiobiN would like to challenge you to go zero-waste for a month! Connect with us on our Facebook page to share your progress, advice, and pictures. Let’s get our zero-waste community growing.


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