Our top ten composting tips for your office

Our top ten composting tips for your office

At BiobiN South Africa composting is our business. Why not make it a part of your business as well? When done correctly, compost returns a huge amount of value to our soil.

Here are our top ten tips for maintaining a perfect compost unit for your office:

  1. Choose the perfect area: not too far from your kitchen, not too far from a garden. This will encourage employees to make use of the composting unit, as well as the compost.
  2. Keep the unit contained: this will prevent rodents from entering the area.
  3. Add oxygen: regularly turning your compost mixture will add oxygen, which will support the biodegradation process.
  4. Add carbon: adding garden clippings increases the carbon content in your pile. Carbon supports the microorganisms in your compost which do all the great work of breaking down organic waste.
  5. Compost your coffee beans: coffee is nitrogen-rich, adding a valuable nutrient to the compost.
  6. Keep it plastic-free: Non-biodegradables, like plastic, should be kept entirely out of your compost. Make sure all plastic packaging and fine wrappers are removed from food scraps before adding them to your compost.
  7. Go beyond food: some items such as natural fibre clothing (cotton, silk, and wool) will biodegrade. It may take a bit longer but shredding them up into smaller bits will speed up the composting process.
  8. Not too much water: your compost needs to retain moisture, but not be too wet as it may begin to produce odours.
  9. Add your compost before you plant: adding compost to your soil before you introduce your plants will give your soil enough time to fully integrate the compost and its nutrients.
  10. Keep a compost report: Keeping a record of this waste stream for your business can be valuable information to include in your company’s sustainability reports. Your stakeholders are interested in your sustainability, especially when it comes to your waste management.

BiobiN has designed a service model that implements these composting best practices for commercial and industrial facilities. Our on-site units are contained, odorless, and are used by many large-scale industries around the world.

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