How BiobiN started and grew in South Africa

South Africa is on a mission to achieve zero waste to landfill. To do this we need to relook at waste, not as something that goes to landfill, but rather as a resource. BiobiN’s ability to convert organic waste into compost justified its launch in South Africa; not only is BiobiN diverting organic waste from landfill but also creating a circular economy.


With this vision in mind, Julien Rambert, introduced BiobiN to the country in November 2017, with the first bin placed and tested at a large corporate park. Enjoying the benefits of a reduced waste footprint lower collection costs, and an immaculate on-site composting area, interest in BiobiN grew.


In May 2018 the new BiobiN designs were ready (the 6.5m3) and were deployed at shopping centres, corporate parks, within the hospitality sector, and eventually universities. 

Since our launch, we have grown and introduced BiobiN into new markets such as hatcheries, abattoirs, the pet disposal industry. These agricultural and livestock sectors present a challenging biohazardous waste stream to manage. Following research, BiobiN has been used by this sector as our units create composting conditions that remove biohazardous pathogens in the waste stream.


Due to our variety of bin sizes, BiobiN is being used for large organic waste producers; we have designed a 15m3 that can take up to 12 tonnes of material.


Now in 2021, BiobiN South Africa has deployed a number of bins countrywide, with a very strong sales pipeline

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