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to BiobiN®

Why use Biobi?

Diverts organic waste from landfills

Captures Odours & Reduces Waste Volume

Safe from insects, rodents & other scavengers

Initiates composting process

Saves money

Helps save the environment

1 Ton of Food in a Biobi is 1 Cars’ yearly impact removed from the environment

Induce air

The BiobiN® uses forcefully inducted air to start the composting process of food and organic waste

Add Carbon

The food and organic waste is thoroughly mixed with carbon (woodchips and/or sawdust) and by using the patented bio filter process,  which starts the composting process

Remove Moisture

The condenser removes excess moisture from the system and the bio filter removes the odours

Natural and effective

No chemicals are needed, nor any sort of microbes, that would have been necessary with other in-vessel composting systems, making it the easiest and most cost effective on-site wet waste management system

Industries that are using Biobi

BiobiN® can be used in a variety of outlets, including; chicken farms, vetinarian schools, hospitals, food manufacturers, restaurants, shopping centers, supermarkets and so on. Wherever food and organic waste is generated, BiobiN® is the way to go.

Veterinary Practices
Hospitals and medical Facilities
Chicken Producers
Restuarants & Hospitality
Retailers and SHOPPING Centres
Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Impacts
As BiobiN® has no moving parts, the safety of operators is not compromised
Sealed Unit
Sealed vessel ensures no contamination of surrounding areas and reduction in bacteria, smells and rodents
Environmental Impact
Environmental impact is driven by diversion away from landfill sites
CSI Opportunity
Composting offers CSI opportunities
Health & Safety Compliance
Occupational Health & Safety issues are addressed for the handling of chickens and meat in putrefaction
Kills Bacterial Pathogens
Kills Salmonella, e-Coli, Bird flu, Newcastle Disease, Listeria
BiobiN® Eco-Warriors

Driven by a passion for sustainable business and the environment. Our team is leading the way in managing organic waste.

Clients using Biobi

A selection of satisfied clients already using our BiobiNs to save the environment

Latest news
World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification – Restoring one of our most important natural resources – soil

Desertification and drought are slow encroaching natural hazards, impacting society, the economy
and environment, and demands our immediate attention in order to continue sustaining food
production to meet basic human needs. 

Food supply chain
Designing a better food supply chain

To tackle the food waste issue, we need to ask what causes it in the first place. Is it high food quality standards, poor packaging, produce degradation, or a lack of circularity with food and organic waste? In fact, it can be argued that our food waste extend is a combination of all of these factors.

Improving your on-site waste management

The foundation for sustainable waste management is ‘separation at source’. Separating different waste types so that they can be individually managed better, whether it be recycled, repurposed or processed into a ‘secondary resource’.

Efficient & Effective worldwide
Save time, save money and save the environment. Get in touch with us so that you can enjoy the  benefits of the BiobiN® system.